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Reflection -Noh «IZUTSU»-

Kanagawa Arts Theatre (KAAT) Atrium / Japan

Composition, Choreography & Dance:
Fue: Shintaro SUGI / Kotsuzum: Naoyasu SOWA / Okawa: Masaru KAWAMURA / Jiutai: Hiromichi TAMOI

Taro BOVE has recently... He focuses on the structure of noh, which stimulates audience’s imagination and encourages them to create a world that resonates in the blank for themselves. In this piece, he works on the mugen noh [spiritual noh] play masterpiece Izutsu with young and mid-careered noh musicians from Kyoto. The latter half of the play is re-interpreted and is presented in a form that can be situated in a lobby space of a theater or museum, keeping the essence of the presentation form of noh. A possibility of new “space” is created through interaction between noh and contemporary dance.

TPAM in Yokohama 2011